Support for volunteer helpers

Winkler Technik Fussbodenheizung unterstützt die ehrenamtlichen Helferinnen"Lila Damen"

“Those who support regularly hospital patients in their leisure time, really deserve a time out.” This is what we thought when we recently sponsored the excursion of the “Lila Damen” of the “Helios Spital”.

Co-founder Erika Winkler (upper row, far right) is voluntary engaged in the charity project “Lila Damen” (Purple Ladies) of the “Helios Spital” for over 5 years.

The Lila Damen facilitate patients their hospital stay and take the time for example for a conversation, they pay additional attention, help patients to find their way through the building and run little errands.

We were very pleased that the Lila Damen enjoyed their Black Forest-excursion at sunny weather and wish them continuously much joy while they are supporting hospital patients.