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About Winkler Technik Radiant heating

As one of the leading international companies in the development and sale of innovative fastening systems for the surface temperature control of buildings, halls, stadiums, entrances and airport runways, we deliver our quality products to over 30 countries.

The product range of Winkler Technik GmbH includes:

Therefore, we offer our customers not only a wide range of fastening technology, but they will also receive the highest quality manufactured in Germany and Switzerland.

Our customers are important to us and their satisfaction is our highest priority!

Therefore, strong entrepreneurial values characterize our actions and the cooperation with our customers and business partners as well as the interaction of our employees among each other:


These values characterize WINKLER TECHNIK GmbH – as a family business, employer and business partner.

Winkler Technik

Winkler story

  • 2023

We win the "Employer of the Future" award
  • 2022

Veronika Winkler becomes CEO

  • 2021

Plakete von Great Place to Work Winkler Technik

"Great Place to Work“ certifies us as an "attractive employer“

  • 2021

Traueranzeige Wolfram Winkler

Farewell from company founder Dr. Wolfram Winkler. End of April 2021 Dr. Winkler passed peacefully away at the age of 76. He managed the business of the company for over 40 years.

  • 2018

Top 100 Auzzeichnung 2018 für Winkler Technik

Winkler Technik is one of the innovation leaders in 2018

  • 2017

WINKLER TECHNIK GmbH is nominated for the Grand Prix of medium-sized enterprises („Grosser Preis des Mittelstandes 2017“).

  • 2016

veronika und alexander winkler

Alexander Winkler, as the CEO, is mainly governing the fortunes of WINKLER TECHNIK GmbH. Veronika Winkler takes over more duties in concern of HR from her husband Alexander Winkler.

  • 2016

European Business Award Winkler Technik

European Business Award. National Champion 2016/2017

  • 2015

Saskia Winkler leaves WINKLER TECHNIK GmbH and now runs her own coaching business

  • 2014

Markeneintragung Original U-Schiene Winkler Technik

The „Original U-Schiene U-Rail“ is now a registered brand name.

  • 2013

We receive the award „Wachstums Champion 2013“.

  • 2011

Top100 Gewinn 2011 Winkler Technik

We receive a award with the seal of quality “TOP 100” as one of the most innovative medium-sized businesses in Germany

  • 2011

Saskia Winkler Wolfram Winkler Alexander Winkler

Dr. Wolfram Winkler, Alexander Winkler and Saskia Winkler share the management. This maintains the continuity of the business company in the 4th generation

  • 2007

Patentanmeldungen Winkler Technik

In 2007 WINKLER TECHNIK GmbH registers 5 new patents

  • 2006

Veronika Winkler (Alexander Winkler's wife) supports the human resources and finance department.

  • 2004

Fair Interbuild 2004:

nomination of the "Octarail OS1222" for "Best-On-Site-Product"

  • 2000

Alexander Winkler

responsible for finance, HR and logistics, join the company. 

  • 2000

Two generations of the Winkler family actively work on the success of the company for almost 15 years.

  • 1999

Saskia Winkler, responsible for sales join the company.

  • 1980

Erfindung der U-Schiene für Fussbodenheizung

The U-shaped Mounting rail has been invented. Continuously Dr. Wolfram Winkler is searching for new, innovative products which he frequently launches in the market

  • 1977

Winkler Technik GmbH has been founded by Dr. Wolfram Winkler, who specialized in the Fastening Technology for surface Heating and Cooling

Wolfram and Erika build up the company so that the products are now available in more than 30 countries. Both of them manage the business of Winkler Technik GmbH.

  • 1970

Dr. Wolfram Winkler takes over the management of his father’s company in Überlingen/Germany. He brought more and more the Under Floor Heating to perfection.

His wife Erika Winkler started to take care of the finance and HR department

  • 1962

As one of the first plumbers , Alfred Winkler laid the foundation for a modern Under Floor Heating with an innovative plastic pipe.

  • 1904

Adolf Winkler established a locksmith company in Berlin/Germany.

Highest quality

Produced in Germany and Switzerland

Our strong corporate values shape our actions and the cooperation with our customers and business partners. These values distinguish Winkler Technik GmbH – as a family company, employer and business partner.

You are important to us!

That is why we have been offering you very good customer service for over 100 years. We are at your side at any time with advice and action and look forward to hearing from you.