Underfloor heating

Radiant heating

We would like to introduce to you the many different possibilities of how our products can be of help installing underfloor heating. The importance of the pipe fastening for underfloor heating is very often underestimated. On the following pages you will find out more of the small products with large effect…

Fussbodenheizung mit Rohr befestigt durch Tackernadel

The Mounting Rails are suitable for many types of underfloor heating. Most people just think about the warm comfy floor in a house, but there is a lot more than the radiant floor heating you can install with the Winkler Mounting Rails like for example lawn heating on football grounds and stadiums.

Did you ever hear about snow melting systems? More and more new built houses will have their walk- and driveways heated. Technically, is it only an underfloor heating underneath stone or concrete.

Do not forget the wall heating. Mostly in bathrooms this type of heating is getting more popular.
the concept is always the same. The Mounting Rails are put on the particular underground, and fastened if needed for example with holding pins on insulation, plastic nails on wood or concrete or by using the adhesive tape direct on foil (on request all our Mounting Rails are available with self-adhesive tape)

By now you can start to lay the pipe. Due to the already given pipe intakes of the Mounting Rails the pipe distance is fixed. We do have available different Mounting Rails for different pipe sizes.

Federschiene für Fussbodenheizung mit Rohr

Underfloor Heating

The most known surface heating is for sure the radiant underfloor heating. Everybody heard about the fact that already the Romans had underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is installed in many different buildings. Not only residential houses benefit from this efficient, energy -saving heating system, also industrial buildings like stockrooms, production halls and so on.

How to fasten the pipe on the floor depends on different requirements?
What does the tender require? What does my installer prefer? How big is the area?

The Winkler Mounting Rails is a preferred type to install underfloor heating.
To match all the norms in all countries, we offer different Mounting Rails for different pipe sizes.
You can easily fasten the Mounting Rails on to the varying undergrounds.

On insulation with HoldingPins!
Have you already heard about our WinkPin System?

On foil-cladinsulation with the self-adhesive tape! All Winkler Mounting Rails are available with and without adhesive tape.

On concrete or wood etc. with the Plastic Nails!

Rasenheizung mit Winkler Technik Schiene

Nowadays, in all parts of the world with chances of snow and very cold winter temperatures, stadiums are being equipped with lawn heating. In some countries this is mandatory.

It does not matter if it is a soccer-, rugby- or baseball- stadium. The lawn needs to be heated during the winter months to guarantee the possibility of using it throughout the year. This is also essential for all practice fields of the different clubs. Quite new is the installation of ventilation and irrigation pipes with our Mounting Rails for example on golf courses. Very important on golf courses is the perfect grass and therefore they started to install ventilation pipes. The pipes are laid in the layer of soil using the Mounting Rails.

In areas with little rainfalls also the irrigation pipes are installed with the Mounting Rails.

All those installations are made with bigger pipe dimensions, therefore our Mounting Rails 5020T, 5022T (especially for North America) and 5025T are used.

Wandheizung mit Winkler Technik Schiene

In almost the same manner to fasten the pipe for underfloor heating you can fasten the pipe on to a wall for wall heating.

An easy way to do this is using the Winkler Mounting Rail. The radiant heat of a wall heating is known as being a very comfy heat. Therefore especially insitting areas, for example behind a sofa or around a dining table, a wall heating is preferred. With the present option of different installations there will be no problem having underfloor and wall heating in the same house.

A wall heating in your bathroom? Imagine never ever having a dusty mirror after a shower… Comfy warmth wraps you like a towel from all sites…

Due to the low height of our Mounting Rails 3010T, 3012T or 4014T those models are perfectly suitable for an installation of wall heating.

The Mounting Rails can easily be fastened to the walls with the Plastic Nails.

Schneeschmelzanlage mit Winkler Technik Schiene

In Scandinavia, North America and meanwhile also in our areas, snow melting systems are becoming more and more popular.

Car parks, walkways and even runways need to be kept snow free as easy as possible. No more shoveling of snow and no removing of ice any more.

To keep open air areas snow and ice free you do not need a high flow temperature.

Again the Mounting Rails gets in action and facilitate the installation due to their easy handling, the possibility to break them by hand and their rigidity.

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