Plastic Bend Support allows perfect guideways

Winkelspange von Winkler Technik Fussbodenheizung

The plastic bend support allows professionals to easily achieve perfect guideways for tubing, such as at the manifold holder, while maintaining the required bending radius of 5 x D.

The plastic bend support is made of plastic, so there is corrosion-free pipe guidance. Additionally the tubes are protected, because there are no sharp edges or burrs.

This product is highly heat-resistant, strong and made of very durable material.

Furthermore there is no sound transmission.

We offer two types of plastic bend supports: those without (WSK) and with center mounting ears (WSKO). The smallest size is for tubing OD 8 – 10 mm (¼“) and the biggest size is 32 – 35 mm (1 ¼“).

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