Company history part 1

Firmengeschichte von Winkler Technik Fussbodenheizung Teil 1

Today is WINKLER TECHNIK GmbH one of the international leading companies in the sector of development and sale of innovative fastening systems for surface temperature control systems. Since 2016, Alexander Winkler, as the CEO, is mainly governing the fortunes of WINKLER TECHNIK GmbH, which is now family-owned in the fourth generation. Also his wife, Veronika Winkler, supports him in the HR and finance department.

CEO Alexander Winkler remembers how the success story began…

In the year 1904, Adolf Winkler established a locksmith shop in Berlin/Germany.

As one of the first plumbers, Alfred Winkler laid the foundations for modern underfloor heating with a new type of plastic pipe in 1962. The company worked in the field of surface temperature control at that time.

In 1970, Dr. Wolfram Winkler assumed management of his father’s  company in Ueberlingen/Germany. He brought more and more the underfloor heating to perfection. His wife Erika Winkler took care of the finance and HR department.

Winkler Technik GmbH was founded in 1977 by Dr. Wolfram Winkler. Together with his wife, he built up the company internationally and is active in over 30 countries. Both of them managed the business of WINKLER TECHNIK GmbH for many decades.

In the year 1980, Dr. Wolfram Winkler invented the U-shaped mounting rail. Continuously he searched for new, innovative products which he frequently launched in the market.

Read more in our next part of the “WINKLER TECHNIK history“ (turn of the millennium until now).

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