BVF honors Wolfram Winkler

Wolfram Winkler in the bvf newspaper

We would like to thank BVF and Antatol Stein

The present-day Winkler Technik GmbH was founded in 1977 and has
since been involved in the mounting of surface temperature control.

The foundation was already laid with the installation company Alfred Winkler
and the licensing activities for Multibeton. Wolfram Winkler wanted a technical
improvement of the rail and then developed the “spring” rail. This was the starting
signal for the further developments in fastening technology. The rail should hold
on to the insulation and therefore holding needles were required. To protect the
pipes under the manifold, the plastic angle brackets were later built.

Who doesn’t know him, the tall man with the wheeled suitcase in tow, often smiled
at and admired at the same time. Many a customer was visited by the passionate pilot
and they picked him up at “smaller” airports. Wolfram Winkler also showed his special
marketing skills here, which he acquired through his studies and doctorate in
sales psychology. In order to increase the value of panel heating, he insisted that the
naming of the “hoses” used at the time was changed to underfloor heating pipes
(at various meetings of the industry).

Mr Winkler did not mind food either, and so there are some customers who remember him:
„We had Dinner/ Lunch with Wolf.“