Veronika Winkler CEO

Winkler Technik neue Geschäftsführerin Veronika Winkler

Mrs. Veronika Winkler appointed Managing Director of Winkler Technik GmbH

In a company with a long tradition like Winkler Technik GmbH, changes in the management are always something special. One such change has taken place with the appointment of Mrs. Veronika Winkler as a CEO. From now on she will take over the interests of the company and is looking forward to tackling this exciting task with commitment.

From now on, she will share the management of the company with her husband Alexander Winkler, who has been managing director of Winkler Technik since 2011. The company now has a motivated dual leadership team to tackle future challenges together and to keep the company on a healthy course.

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