SW-Clamp: Fasten pipes on a wall or ceiling easily

SW Schelle

You can easily achieve efficient fastening of all established pipes with diameters ranging from 14 – 35mm OD (1/2“ – 1 ¼“) on a wall or ceiling using the UV-proof SW-Clamp.

We offer five different types of sizes. The special thing about it is that the closing clip snaps in various positions i.e. the smallest size can be used for tubing OD 14,0 – 16,5 mm (1/2“).

And that’s how it works:

  • Just screw the SW-Clamp e.g. on the wall,
  • put the tube in the SW-Clamp and snap in the closing mechanism.
  • Now the tube is safely fixed.

You can combine all sizes of the SW-Clamps. Therefore, you are flexible and you can safe time because you can connect them easily.

In case you have to mount tubes at a fixed distance (5 cm = approx. 1,97 inch) you can use the accessory “bracket for mounting – CH-DUO 2050“. That facilitates accurate working.

Click here to see the product video, further application possibilities, accessories etc. at our technical information sheet of the SW-Clamp.

Or contact our sales team,  they will be happy to offer you competent advice.

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