Effortless Pipe Fastening with the MidiClip

Der Midiclip von Winkler Technik Fussbodenheizung

Fastening of pipes on 3 mm (1/8“) wire mesh for 10 mm (1/4”) or 12 mm (3/8”) pipes.

You can effortlessly fasten your pipe directly on the floor or attach preassembled wire mesh modules to the wall…

An easy, gentle fastening of the pipe onto wire mesh, in an upright position. Your back will thank you.

Variable installation distance and a very low installation height of less than 17 mm (5/8”).

The fastening tool MCS will allow a fast and efficient installation. A step with your foot and the clip is secured to the mesh. Walk in the pipe afterwards.

Installation can be done by only 1 person. A reloading of the tool is done quickly with the magazined MiniClips MC10 or MC12. The capacity of a tool MCS is 50 clips.

No electricity, no battery, no compressed air is needed. The 1 kg light tool is instantly ready for use and can be easily transported in the trunk.

Using the MidiClip, the pipe has a secure hold on the wire mesh and comparing with cable ties or tie wire the pipe cannot get damaged as it cannot rub on the mesh.

Would you like to learn more about the MidiClip system? Our sales team will gladly advise you on technical details etc.

Click here to watch our product video or click here to take a closer look at our technical data sheet in PDF-format.

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