Karin Zeller: 25 years with Winkler Technik

Winkler Technik Karin Zelelr

For a quarter of a century at WINKLER TECHNIK: Karin Zeller

It makes no difference to say a quarter of a century or 25 years – in any case,

it is a very long time that you have been with us. For 25 years, you have

accompanied  the small and large hardships as well as the small and large

joys of Winkler Technik.


You have continued to improve your skills over the years and have never tired

of learning. Not only have you become an important part of our team, you have

also constantly demonstrated your  full commitment and love for your work and

your colleagues.


We thank you very much for this great time together and congratulate you

wholeheartedly on this special anniversary!

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