Find of a nostalgic WINKLER heating sign

Nostalgisches Winkler Heizungsschild gefunden

The company WINKLER already exists for four generations. Today’s CEO Alexander Winkler reports: “In the year 1904, my great-grandfather established a locksmith company in Berlin/Germany and my grandfather Alfred Winkler a heating and plumbing company in today’s Villingen-Schwenningen /Germany in the 1950s.“

From that time, a solid enameled WINKLER metal sign of an old heating plant was recently found in an antique shop. The sign is dated to approximately 1952. Dr. Wolfram Winkler was delighted about this find and said in March 2021: “The sign is truly a piece of nostalgic, so to say, it’s a sign of tradition and built to last for an eternity.”

That confirms one of our principles again: those who invest in high quality products will be able to enjoy using this item for a long time.

This great memento got a place of honour and decorates now the WINKLER TECHNIK GmbH foyer.

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