Installation guide via U-Rail

Verlegeschienen von Winkler Technik Fussbodenheizung

For those seeking a reliable guide for precise pipe fastening in underfloor heating systems, the U-Rail is the perfect choice. Thanks to the pre-designed pipe intakes on the mounting rails, achieving consistent pipe spacing is a breeze, making it an excellent guide for accuracy.

However, the installation is easy and rapid because the pre-scored break lines allow a quick cutting of the mounting rails and the “Jetrail” without using tools. Therefore, you don’t have to carry any additional tools to the construction site. At the same time the pre-scored break lines are a marking (every 10 cm / 4”).

The “Octa Rails” and “Penta Rails” are 1 m (3 ¼ ft) long – an extension is possible as long as needed because of the soluble snap joints.

The resilient slit of the “Rapid Mounting Rail” and the “WKT Mounting Rail ZS” allows a gentle and safe fixing of the tubesExtra safe is the “Jetrail JR” because of its safety tongue that avoids the sliding out of the tube.

The resilient slit of the mounting rails allows tube tolerances.

Even bigger pipe dimensions (up to 25mm – 1”) are possible with the mounting rails. These are especially used in e.g. industrial buildings, open areas and in soccer-, rugby or baseball-stadiums  (lawn heating).

Click here to see product videos and technical data sheets of U-rails.